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Edulyx Live

Live is a video conferencing platform which enables completely secure and collaborative virtual sessions. It comes with features like shared notes, popup quizzes and rich user control mechanisms to create an environment which is rich in engagement from the participants.

Edulyx Connect

Connect is a Learning Management System that lets you extend beyond the conventional online content delivery set-up. It helps you access and curate resources, design customized assignments and assessment and monitor every participant’s performance individually.

Concept on wheels

Concept on Wheels is a riveting model that accentuates theoretical learning with engaging and hands-on experiments.
This helps students innovate and find solutions to problems. It is an on-premise service facilitated by experts and a specially curated tool kit.

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About Us

Founded in 2018, Edulyx believes that knowledge is co-constructed through collaboration and sharing of experiences. It aspires to foster a learning culture that transcends the boundaries of school or educational institutions and create lifelong learners.

We aim to help overcome the great digital divide by easy to use affordable technology that helps in creating interactive learning spaces. So join us in our quest to create world class learning experiences that empowers Teachers, Students and Parents.

On account of the COVID-19 promoting school among vulnerable sections and it becomes a real issue most importantly in the remotest villages. Understanding this pandemic situation Edulyx has been helping us to make wonder in education by helping to provide live online classroom platform for needy students.

Mr. Prakash Sukdev Kolhe

Founder and President, Manavdhan Samajik Shaikshanik Vikas Sanstha Nashik

Glad to say that, after going through Edulyx live platform I feel its better than others. Now in current situation we are going to success for implementing live classroom for needy students.

Mr. Amit Kamble

IT Head- Manavdhan Samajik Shaikshanik Vikas Sanstha Nashik




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Abhishek Rajput

Co-Founder & CEO

He carries rich experience of solving tough problems through technology

Yakul Garg


A passionate programmer who likes to build stuff and capable of wearing many hats

Pranjul Rai

Product and Market Research

A diligent who is obsessed with ideas, stories and details

Lakshay Gupta


A tech enthusiast who is keen in exploring unprecedented territories

Shivansh Narayan


A techie whose fun loving nature puts a smile on all our faces

Nidhi Wadia

Content and Pedagogy

A great learner who brings the best quality content in our product



A Teachnophile whose great zeal brings a sense of motivation to our entire team

Nikhil Shrivastava

Design and User Interface

A tech-savy whose adherence to work makes us passionate about our work