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We, with the blend of technology and subject matter
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Provides e-learning through recorded video lectures, delivered over the internet. The lectures are recorded by trained professionals under the guidance of renowned teachers and have been tested with students to ensure the effectiveness. The lectures are rich in animations, motion graphics, conversations etc. which helps in stimulating minds and enhance the learning of students in the classroom.


Personalized learning portal helps students learn at their own pace and style of learning. The platform is backed by niche technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, serious gaming etc. The platform keeps track the learning of every student and delivers content customized to their needs. The metrics generated through the platform is accessible to teachers to keep track of each individual’s learning and hence are better equipped to conduct the learning of each student.


Activities consisting of AR-VR games, group discussions, argumentation, audio-visuals are for the purpose of taking learnings out of the classroom and engage them in the real world. AR-VR games produce immersive experience to better visualize and understand key concepts, activities are designed to enhance the capabilities of argumentation, computational thinking etc.

Taking inspiration from modern pedagogy techniques and utilizing technology to implement them, activities are designed for a group of topics which has well-proven results on school children.


Continuous assessment module tracks the progress of students from Engage and Experience platform. Apart from retention other key skills like creativity, computational thinking, reasoning, context-based thinking is tracked through platform and data is collected continuously. Metrics are generated from collected data which helps in estimating the progress of students also the contents of Engage is customized to ensure all round development of the student.


The management suits designed for teachers and school staff helps them better manage the ongoing school activities. Teachers from their dedicated portal can conduct classrooms, activities, assign activities to students and engage to parents to create awareness of school activities. Management suite also provide ERP solutions to manage school fee, staff etc. Adding to that analytics-based branding and marketing strategies are provided for schools to increase traction and get more admissions.

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